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How to Leverage Social Proof for More Leads and Sales

Fun fact! Reddit grew their website using FAKE users. They did that to populate the sites and make it seem as though it was popular.

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Why Companies are Failing to Implement Growth Processes

When I met Ryan, his problems were radically different…

They were growing quickly. His team was doing a fine job. They implemented Growth Processes, but after a few months, they realized that they weren’t moving the needle.

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What is Product Marketing?

What do we do as product marketers?

Product marketers function as CEO’s of their products, product lines, or entire product portfolios. We are responsible for (feel free to steal this for your job description writing):

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Customer Development 101: Finding & Attracting Your First Customers

A company will only survive as long as it continues to have a strong customer base. Even the best products will fail without a steady stream of users. Luckily, once a company has attracted its first customers, maintaining demand becomes considerable easier.

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The Difference Between A Logo & Branding

The difference between a logo and branding is simple yet difficult to understand since they are so closely related to one another. Together they are a powerful duo that excites the senses and becomes irresistible. So what’s the difference?

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