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6 Mistakes Startup Founders Make When Asking for Investor Money

I recently attended an Angel investors group in Vancouver. It’s fascinating to hang out with a bunch of zillionaires for the day and listen to startup pitchers trying to wrestle money from them. The Keuretsu Forum is based in Seattle and with over 2500 accredited investors is the largest investor network in the world. The great thing about Keuretsu investors is that they regularly come to Vancouver to meet with startup entrepreneurs at the Vancouver chapter. They are well known for sharing opportunities with three or more chapters in different cities in order to close a deal.

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8 Factors That Help You Raise Startup Capital

I’m not saying these are the right ways to think about gathering more resources, but it makes sense to some people to have a cushion.

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The $10 Million Photo and Other VC Stories

While on vacation I had a phone interview with Kevin Ohannessian of Fast Company who wanted a few “funding stories.”  Here are two of them. Apologies for the rambling stream of consciousness.  The original interview in Fast Company can be seen here.

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VCs Are Not Your Friends, They're Frenemies

Let's Go to Lunch

At Rocket Science our video game company was struggling. Hubris, bad CEO decisions (mine) and a fundamental lack of understanding that we were in a “hits-based” entertainment business not in a Silicon Valley technology company were slowly killing us.

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Creating an Elevator Pitch that Attracts Investors, Customers, and More


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